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I created a keycap set and named it "Gardenia"

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I personally really like the alternate color top row.  This is a cool looking set for sure!


--- Quote from: BananaEmpress on Sun, 04 April 2021, 14:07:29 ---
Thank you! I'm really happy you like it! Also sorry for the late response, this website is really confusing for me haha.
I didn't timelapse the whole process in Blender - I took it as a learning experience and wanted to know the program more, I think around 3 to 4 days of constant work? I really want to give it my all and create a usable and pleasant keycap set even if it means I should create it from scratch. I also followed various Youtube tutorials on what I needed to achieve specifically.
Modelling is fullfiling honestly! Mainly because you can position and create renders that really bring out what's best in what you create, also really fun to make - I will use this base render on other keycap sets that I have prepared, so there's another plus.
And it's useful for arthesian keycaps - something that I will look into the near future.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your detailed reply ! As you can see I'm neither the fastest man in the world... A week of work for modelling some plastic bits, that seems a lot, but they rend beautiful !
I really like the idea of creating something from scratch and master every part of the process.
I'd love to see your future projects  :)
Will you try to made those keycaps IRL ?

That deskmat looks amazing :D
Indoor plants are really cool and the setup im going to be doing is all based around indoor plants and such! Would defo buy the deskmat if this idea turned into something.

Hello BananaEmpress,

I can't believe you almost have the same story as me, my ex SO left our apartment with all her plants, and I've been taking care of about 50 species for about 2 years now. I'm slowly starting to fall in love with these plant and decided to design my next keyboard using the colour scheme of a variegated banana leaf.

This is the design I came out with :

Quite similar to you, orange to remind the terra cotta and different greens to call for leaf variegation. I really love your design I already came across on reddit and will probably inspire myself from it to have some sublimation on the space bar.

Are you gonna make this build for yourself ? I find it really difficult to find the right colour for the keycap, I'll probably go the dying way but what is your route ?

I like the vibrant colors of this set. Very nice!


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