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Will MiTo GMK Godspeed Custom Keycaps ever be back in stock?


I've been lurking around and haven't found anything if they will come back, they look really clean. If they don't come back where could I find one to buy?

WAIT, OR a yellow GMK MiTo Yellow Godspeed keycap...

Godspeed is a pretty popular colorway so I'd imagine Mito will rerun it in the future. Although there is quite a few variants of it. There is the SA set which has been ran twice & was available in fully sculpted or uniform SA profile, then there is the GMK (Cherry profile) sets that have only ran once but had two different colorways available Armstrong (regular Godspeed colors) & Columbia (all blue keys). If you do not want to wait you can keep an eye out on r/mechmarket for someone selling a set, although be prepared to pay very high premium. The aftermarket for MKB parts & caps is still all out of whack from everything being hard to get due to the coronavirus lockdowns.

gmk Godspeed available in Columbia colrway rn on Drop. if thatís your jam.


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