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great post again!
thanks a lot for your info..
seems i have to invest more time on finding out those things..
i have many unknown words  :)) but i'm googling and searching this forum to find out more.

thanks a lot for your effort to be so informative.. much appreciate it!
probably i had to ask here before ordering my first mech keyb.
i wouldn't have done such mistakes buying a keyb that doesn't support switches but optical ones.

granola bar enthusiast:

--- Quote from: HungerMechanic on Wed, 25 May 2022, 16:30:28 ---
--- Quote from: granola bar enthusiast on Wed, 25 May 2022, 09:28:13 ---I found these optical yellows on Amazon:

--- End quote ---


You seem to know a lot about these kinds of keyboards.

I am looking for something at least 65% sized, but with a full-size right-shift key. Ideally something with the VA68 layout, but anything like that from 65-75% size.

Something about this-sized, but solderable:

Do you know of anything like that? I just want something solderable that resembles a TKL in ergonomics but is smaller and cheaper. An IKKI68 would be perfect, but I didn't get in on R2.

--- End quote ---

Thanks so much for your compliments! this is the perfect time to brag about being in 8th grade
I spent the last few days looking around but I honestly couldn't find anything, you might be able to try to find a PCB of one of the boards and try to put it into something like a Tofu65 and see if it fits, although don't quote me on that as it may not fit, and there is always the option of desoldering the hotswap sockets from the board you found already. Once again I'm sorry for not being able to help you

No problem, it turns out that solderable 70% and 71-key kits are extremely rare. Like, Aurora being one of the few, and also that new "Tenet" board.

Man, the Tenet looks tempting. But I don't have the scratch right now.

I'm just looking for something to put my Zealio V1 in, as I have 77 right now.

granola bar enthusiast:
hey not sure if you are still looking for a board like this but, akko has the new ACR 68 option and that has the same layout as IKKI68 aurora w/ long right shift options


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