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Ive been starting to pick up collecting Alps switches. I finally pulled the trigger on a few new boards. I picked up another Apple AEK2 with Damped Cream (Pine Damped Tactile). The next is a set of Dell AT101W with SKCM Blacks (Bamboo Tactile). Lastly, a Zeos KB-6251EA with SKCM Whites (Pine Clicky).

They all will have their switches harvested, disassembled, cleaned/lubed, and reassembled for a project down the road. The AEK2 key caps will be cleaned up for later as well. The other key caps will be cleaned, labeled and placed into storage.

Ive never felt SKCM Blacks before but are quite good. Not nearly as good as those SKCM Whites, but a nice bump to overcome. Damped Creams are Damped Creams and feel good, but nothing exciting. Im working to collect all of the major SKCM/SKCL switches in both Pine and Bamboo variants as available, but wont be bothered searching for minor revisions like specific plate colors of blue switches.

Nice pickups. Good luck with finding all of the SKCM/CL switches, I know that can get really expensive.

A fun surprise. These boards were all donor boards for their switches. I found in disassembling the Zeos board there were 4 uniquely identifiable switches. One appears to be a clone and has a higher actuation force. I cannot say for sure where each was in the plate as I only discovered this after the switches were removed.

Nice choice


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