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White 105 keycaps for UK Filco?

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F u r u y :

WASD Keyboars will release ISO ABS set late 2011/early 2012.

Thanks, Furuya. I did read about that earlier. It seems it would be best solution if it is too hard to get PBT. Still have to wait 3-4 months.

F u r u y :
There's also Double-shots Round 4 in group buys. They have ISO layout in their list.

About same ETA. 6 months. :rolleyes:

been on holiday so didnt notice my thread got a fair few replies :D.

Furuya, that looks interesting but im being really retarded here and dont fully understand how i should format my order for keys that are: White keys, black text, uk layout
would this be correct?


Now where is the price list...apparently 78 USD + 14 shipping so = $92, holly crap have i got this price wrong? 30 for PBT engraved, 56 for this kit is half the keyboard :P... guess ill just leave this until funds are actually available!

F u r u y :
I haven't tried it yet! So I'm comptetely clueless, sorry. You can just try it and see if the confirmation message matches what you wanted to order. Just send a PM to the "bot" and see what confirmation you receive.


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