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We are still working out how to manage the Wiki.  We'd love to make it completely open, but that is impossible for reasons that many are likely to be aware of.  For now we've setup a special, open name space for anyone to contribute articles and edits.  Once an contributer feels that an article is ready to be published in the main wiki, please post about it in this forum and we will move or copy it over.  Frequent contributers may receive rights to edit and manage the main wiki pages as well.

To create an article in the incoming name space, just prefix "Incoming:" to the article title that you wish to use in the search box.  If there isn't an article by that name, you will have the opportunity to make one.  If there is, you will be able to edit it.  For example, to start an article titled "ClickClack", you would type "Incoming:ClickClack" into the wiki search bar.

Feel free to start a thread here at any point along the way to provide a link, show off your work, get feedback, etc. 

As with everything on the new site, we are still tweaking things and are open to suggestions.

So what your saying is ripster fu€ked this up for everyone?


--- Quote from: whiskerBox on Mon, 30 July 2012, 15:00:37 ---So what your saying is ripster fu€ked this up for everyone?

--- End quote ---


Going to try this out.


So then there will be no categories, templates, other namespaces?

We'll add them as needed.


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