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mixing cherry MX switch parts: terminology and measurements megathread


there's a lot of discussion of this forum of the best combination of cherry MX parts (which, as you'll recall, consist of a stem combined with a spring.

As one might expect, the tolerances of spring force are generally within some statistical norm across parts, batches and runs, but there is definitely a fair amount of variance, as cherry seems to have sourced their raw materials and subparts from different places at different times.

Here's some initial material on information that one needs to know when screwing around with Cherry MX switches:

== Factory Switch Types ==

=== Cherry MX Black ===

Linear non-clicky switch, black flat stem, ~60g spring

=== Cherry MX Red ===

Out of production from XXXX to XXXX, now in production and quite popular.

Linear non-clicky switch, red flat stem, ~45g spring

=== Cherry MX Blue ===

Easily the most popular MX switch type.

Tactile, clicky switch, blue stem with white clicking mechanism, ~50g spring

=== Cherry MX Brown ===

Second most popular.

Tactile, non-clicky switch, brown nibbed stem, ~45g spring

=== Cherry MX clear ===

Limited production.

Tactile, non-clicky switch, milky white nibbed stem with higher extremum than browns, ~80g spring

Additionally, there are several variants used for space bars, which will go HERE <--

Add your home-built combinations and suggest names for them in this thread!


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