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Where to buy a big ass enter key?

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I just made this layout online, but if I was to make it I have no idea where to buy a big ass enter key. Here's the layout:

Outside of finding a vintage board with a bigass enter, there aren't any places to find just the enter

Computer-Lab in Basement:
yeah, practically zero chance you can just find one to buy... you'd have to get one manufactured, which would only be cost effective if done in bulk... and judging by past discussions, not many people like the bigass enter...

still, I wish you luck... maybe you can find a donor board to harvest one off of...

Looking through my Ebay watch list I found this

Are you looking for a Cherry MX-compatible key?

A photo would be helpful, to indicate mounts and stabilizers.

I have a few baggies of key harvested from "junk" keyboards.


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