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Where to buy a big ass enter key?

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I've got a couple of those for buckling spring - but I would imagine you are looking for a different switch type.

What type of switches? There are some nice Tai Hao doubleshot bigass enters on keyboards from the 90s in both MX and Alps mount varieties currently on ebay.

SP does make big ass enter  keys for cherry. I got a couple in my crap bags, double shot. But good luck having them added to a group buy, almost certain that will never happen

DuckyMyDucky posted a thread where he wanted to get rid of his big-ass enter key. I think the two of you might work something out.
Here's the link to the thread:

I also posted a reply on his thread pointing to you, because I read this thread, then I read his, and it simply seemed like a match made in heaven (At least to me. XD)

This store:

Has these:

Oh! I thought you said, "Big ass entry key" ;)

Your layout editor link doesn't work for me, but if it's the "standard" big-ass Enter, then why don't you split it into the ANSI sized keys (1.5x on top of a 2.25x)? Will make geting caps for it MUCH easier.


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