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Good to hear you’re still around.

Hyyyyyyyyyyped, really enjoyed each of the zines you put out and always welcome more!


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MorePress Release: Tactile Zine 2.0 Coming Soon

From the desk of the editor:

I know this is quite a necro but to me this has been a work in progress in my mind for a while. When I found myself with a lot of free time but not a lot of funds. I started thinking about this project again...wishing for time where I'd be able to work on it again. And that time is coming soon!

So what am I doing for Tactile 2.0? Remember when I said I was done with keyboards? That was a lie. I'm interested again. But I also want to cover other interests. More to come on that. More zines incoming for sure though. And stickers. Maybe other tangible goods too. I'm also done with overcommitting to things or ideas in public. As usual, expect as much DIY as possible from me. And I'll always provide simple and transparent updates.

If you're interested, please watch this space. For those who aren't aware of Tactile 1.0, please see the first post in the link below. And if you remember 1.0, let me know. I'd love to catch up. I have a lot to learn about keyboards again.

P.S: I do think there is such a thing as endgame keyboards and I'm fully prepared to step away from the hobby again with my small but beloved collection.


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Yessssssssssss, bring it on!

Lovely to see old men hyping up another old man like this. We GH vets. Love ya fellas! :cool:

Hi Again captain !


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