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Dvorak model M keycaps with pips?

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well one more thing to worry about in life

microsoft windows:
I wonder if Unicomp can make me a standard Esc key cap and an I as well.

I would be interested in seeing what Unicomp would charge for a Customizer in a Dvorak layout, or better yet, blank layout.

As a related question, are there any mechanical keyboards with key caps that can be rearranged to Dvorak at all?  Most keyboards cannot be, as the physical shape of the keys are different from row to row.  

In many instances (of rubber dome boards that I've encountered) the F and J keys are made so they cannot be placed in any other slot (for whatever genius reason).  So, just the fact that the keys are the same shape is not necessarily enough information.

Does anyone know of a mechanical keyboard (buckling spring or any type of keyswitch) that fills these criteria and is cheaper than certain infamous blank keyboards?

(sorry for thread hijack, but it seems somewhat relevant to the topic at hand)


--- Quote from: AndrewZorn;123739 ---well one more thing to worry about in life
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meh, standard rubber domes :-/

microsoft windows:
If I remember correctly, you might be able to get F and J keys without the nubs from an old XT Model F keyboard.


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