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All Cicadas all the time

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I find their sound somewhat comforting, but that is too many right next to your house!

During the last emergence a few years ago, my son and I were sitting on the patio late in the afternoon, and the sound was very loud and the millions of voices blended into what seemed like a single consistent, gently pulsing sound wash. Eventually he said that he had it - the sound was very similar to the sound of the phasers on the original series of Star Trek.

It's ok when you have millions, but if you get just that 1 Cricker in the house, jesus, he just goes off whenever he wants to, and won't let you sleep.

When I was a kid in the 80s I remember they hit super hard one Summer. The entire sides of the houses, all the trees in the neighborhood, all the posts on the deck, and wooden fences - absolutely coated in them. Brushing the shells off reminded me of brushing chicken pox off your skin, they were that dense.

I don't see many insects any more, just in general. I feel like the disappearance of insects in the World is an important thing no one is talking about.


--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Sat, 24 February 2024, 16:42:18 ---
the disappearance of insects in the World

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A few years ago we had a huge hatch, and since they have been referred to as a "food" since prehistory (Kosher laws actually make a special exception to allow "locusts" to be eaten) I started collecting them. It was easy because they are so docile, a standard baggie holds about 50 and I put them straight into the freezer even though that is probably not a pleasant death for an insect.

But then I read that they had just spent 13 years underground as grubs, absorbing toxins being sprayed by my neighbors. Ugh. So they went into the compost.


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