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--- Quote from: slothritis01 on Wed, 07 February 2024, 05:24:36 ---Hello All. I'm sloth. Ofc a new member. I'm pretty new to this hobby but man I love it. Never thought a keyboard would bring such joy. I remember it all started for me asking a simple question, "what keyboard should I get for my mac mini" on a reddit post. Someone mentioned Nuphy, from there the rest is history. My first keyboard that I took apart and modded was keychron, still with me today, great keyboard. But from there, it went deeper, from switches to keycaps to stabs. I know have 4 keyboards, a room full of switches and keycaps, and 2 gbs Ive joined. I am excited to see the info this group has and to check out all the upcoming projects.

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Welcome! And seconded on spingo's comment, Mode makes good stuff. :thumb:


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