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The media has mostly removed Vkraine from headlines. Why, because they're losing. Reports coming in, they're drafting 50-60yr olds.

Many prominent pentagon generals saw this coming 30-50 years ago, urging America to stop pursuing Nato, but we're here now.

The worst thing politicians do is can-kicking, it's always someone else's problem if one can make some money and retire soon enough before it hits the fan.

Thoughts ? Probably_Poland send troops?

Yet another Afghanistan? The 6th war we lost in a row?

How does one get rdy for .ww3

For the last few decades, a preferred tactic of the Republican Party, when they desire an outcome that they know is not popular with the majority of people, is to starve and strangle the mechanism of accomplishing it even if not abolishing it outright.

So if the MAGA/GOP (aka Gobblers Of Putincock) want Putin and his minions to destroy Ukraine (even though the majority of Americans believe in preserving democracy around the world - along with our allies) then IF they can delay or prevent US aid from reaching Ukraine then they can help Putin and hurt Ukraine.

Democrat/Republicans alike, every single recent president we've had are war criminals equal to that of putin.

Even our best one Obama, pushed forward a major foreign assassination and drone bombing campaign unlike any other, from the perspective of the other countries, we're the terrorists.

That's not the point though. Tp4 is still very much America First, the issue is, EVEN IF, we blindly, TAKE OUR OWN SIDE, because, HECK, my house and more importantly QD-OLED is here, the situation is not win-nable militarily.


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