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Greetings from Germany


Hi everyone!
So i found this forum on my search for a new mechanical keyboard. In the next days/weeks/months I hope to find a lot of useful information to find a new mechanical keyboard.
But first let me introduce myself.

I'm a software developer from germany. I never thought a lot about keyboards before 2018.
Thats when I first got some interest in mechnical keyboards.
I always loved the TKL layout as I like to have my mouse closer to the keyboard.

2018 I first bought a ducky one 2 TKL Backlit with PBT keys (the blue one , horizon)
The typing was nice with brown mx switches but the programming of makros and the color was a pain.
In the same year i bought Corsair K65 LUX RGB with MX red. This is currently my favorite one.
Over the years I started to realize what features I'd like to add on a new keyboard and which i wouldnt even miss.
In 2022 I wanted to try an even smaller layout because I got a Raspberry Pi and wanted a small keyboard which I only use for the Pi.
So I got me a corsair K65 mini with MX silver. I do love the typing on this keyboard but I quickly realize that I badly need arrow keys :)
The last keyboard I bought was a Razor BlackWidow lite. The cause to try this one out was that I was searching for a silent mechanical keyboard. I bought it used so it was something like a test if there a hearable difference between the Corsair K65 LUX and the BlackWidow.
Well yes, they sound different but they are both not silent :)

So I'm still looking for the right keyboard for me.
This year i started to try to get an overview of hotswappable keyboards and switches and got somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of offers that you can get.

I'll soon start to dig into the board trying to extract the infos I need.

For the curious ones here's a short summary of what I am looking for:

* layout must be TKL
* backlit (I'm not sure if this is the correct word. I'd like light through the keycaps like on my K65, not light around the keycaps)
* silent typing (very important)
* I prefer a wired keyboard with a detachable USB cable (the Corsair k65 is a fixed USB cable. I dont like that anymore)
* I need extra mediakeys, volume up/down bascially. Maybe also prev/next audio track
That's it basically

Thanks for your patience and reading.
Thanks for offering your experience here on the board.

See you later !


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