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Filco Majestouch 2 Camouflage Tenkeyless

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--- Quote from: litster;424887 ---$360US + $50US EMS shipping.  Shipping on October 6th I think.  Then after that I added a Leopold tenkeyless bag without additional shipping.
--- End quote ---

Wow, congrats on that its a cool keyboard for sure. I want but at $400+ I should probably make a student loan payment instead.

Kamikaze K:
Well I picked up this keyboard today (my first ever Filco by the by)...  So far I'm liking the Cherry Black's.  It's a lot quieter than the blue's.  Coming from the Blue's there's definitely a pronouced difference in force needed to press the keys.  And so far I'm really enjoying the linear feel of the keys.  Too early to tell which switch I like better... At this stage I'm just liking the difference.  Ever since starting on mech 'boards, I've notice that I'm quite the heavy typer and find myself constantly bottoming out the keys.  So maybe the heavier switch will suit me better but like I said... too early to tell.  

 The OP was right about the look of the 'board.   The camo design isn't too over bearing.  It's quite nice!  

One thing I'm a little annoyed about is that the 'board doesn't completely sit flat on my table.  I noticed this when I was first typing on it.  I've looked at the casing and it's all attached and joined as it should be with no flex.  I reckon it's the bottom left rubber feet that's ever so slightly shorter than the rest.  Having the leg extenders down seems to solve that so all good!  Really don't think it's cause for me to swap it for another...

  So far for my first Filco, I'm quite pleased!

It arrived in my stock today.

And how  much you selling these for, qtan?

Deverica Wolf:

--- Quote from: daerid;426270 ---And how  much you selling these for, qtan?
--- End quote ---

Yeah, how much?


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