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Leading Edge DC 2014: DIN to USB?


Hey everybody -- I have my old Leading Edge DC 2014 keyboard in my possession after many years, and would very much like to begin using it again. It has the original cable and connector, a 5 pin 180 degree DIN.

It has been a several years since a lot of the posts here on this topic, and so I just thought I'd create a new post and ask for your help with getting up and running.

My ideal would be an XT-style DIN to USB adapter I can buy from ebay or something like that. I might have seen something there from orihalcon, but it was not clear to me I could rely on it 100% (something about a reset pin?).

Can you advise? What are my options?

Thank you

The DC-2014 does need a 5th connection, called "reset" that is not common to most other DIN-to-PS/2 or -USB connections which use 4:
Data, Clock, power, and ground

I think that Orihalcon has made variants of his converters with them, but that may need to be a special order. He is a member here, send him a message.

or, you can build your own -


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