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Is there a way to jump to newest unread post?
I kinda missed that and didn't find it so far.

Also, please add an option to turn OFF email notifications for subscribed threads. It's annoying.

email notifications are a notification preference, very easy to disable (and manage your subscriptions)

as for newest unread post, I agree, i do miss that feature.  I also am not crazy about how the 'last post' button is on the far right side of the thread list table.

There's a (new) icon/button at the end of the subject (in thread listings) that should bring you to the newest post... just tested on a couple threads and it indeed does just that.

Did you want a button like this while viewing the thread?

Nice! Didn't know the NEW button was clickable. Actually this is better than clicking on the topic and then clicking on first unread post link.
Thanks for pointing this out.

About the email notification. I have no clue where to turn it off. Do you mind to elaborate?

It's a 2 step process... First get into modifying your profile:
Hover over 'Profile' at the top, then click 'Account Settings'

On the new page, hover over 'Modify Profile', then click 'Notifications'


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