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Also, I tried to find some way of getting in contact with a moderator. Didn't try too hard but I couldn't find any list of moderators for PM'ing or any e-mail address or anything.

Better PM system

I am really missing the spy. Other systems to get a quick overview of the large amount of content like thread subscription better ajax preloading and such would be great as well.

To elaborate a bit:
The spy allows looking at the content of the post without clicking on it.
Subscriptions are sort of the opposite they help ignore everything except the threads I know I am interested in.
Ajax preloading would help because if the unread posts site was more responsive it would almost be a spy.

Ideally I would like a list of topics with activity and a short extract from the last post. The data should be preloaded so I can quickly check the threads by clicking on it. The list should also have buttons for 'subscribe thread', 'ignore thread' and 'mark thread read.
hm...I had other ideas but I forgot them while typing this. :)
I know I am asking a lot, I am just trying to put down what would be ideal in the long run.

And a favicon! Or I will lose the bookmark among all other sites without one...

I just want the topics with new posts to be bold again. It's really throwing me off not having that. Also, a "First Unread Post" button within the main forum view would be awesome.


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