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I'm glad they were able to relay how much of an impact he's made on this community, because even just being here a couple months, it's clear that this place is devastated without him. I hope we can continue to be in contact with them in the future, if only to impress the fact that SmallFry is still a part of this community, his helpful posts are still helping new members (like me!) and his words are no less potent with him gone. I'm so glad that his parents had the thought to contact GH at all, and it makes me look back at other communities, and members who have simply disappeared. I'm always a little upset when someone just drops a conversation, or doesn't respond when we're working out a trade, but this whole experience has brought it all to a new light and I doubt I'll ever look at online communities the same way.

As has been said for so many other things, it's difficult to remember sometimes that there's somebody else on the other side, reading your words. The relative anonymity usually allowing us an anger without fear of recompense. But now the phrase, someone on the other side, means something entirely new to me, and reminds me of the fragility of the world we live in.


--- Quote from: Melvang on Mon, 19 August 2013, 00:37:42 ---1) I think we need to do a GB for the "Friends and Family" cap
2) Get the Walters family a mechanical keyboard in Small_Fry's switch of choice.

--- End quote ---

1) Flynn has a ton of the F&F caps that he'll be distributing/selling later.
2) They have 8-10 really really nice keyboards including a Phantom and an Epsilon: The remainder of SmallFry's collection. I don't think they need anymore and they told me that they really didn't need anymore haha.

I still think we should get them a Smallfry set upon release and teach Mama_Fry how to change keycaps. :D


--- Quote from: Alessandro on Mon, 19 August 2013, 07:49:24 ---I still think we should get them a Smallfry set upon release and teach Mama_Fry how to change keycaps. :D

--- End quote ---

I'm sure if they would like one it would be given to them, I know mkawa will handle that.

If they want then we can do that but at the house, I saw SO MANY CAPS. ten sets of WYSE caps. I'm pretty sure I remember hearing Mama_Fry and the Walters say they don't need anymore keyboard stuff lol.


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