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[Vending] GMK Hyperfuse Sale 10/23

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This thread will contain information regarding availability, details, pictures regarding GMK Hyperfuse as it becomes available for purchase on

There will be 100 sets total for sale.

Discussion and questions are welcome!


--- Quote from: trees on Fri, 14 August 2015, 16:03:30 ---Do you have a sales price in mind yet?

--- End quote ---

A) Final price is $165 + 2.50 shipping (flat rate) for domestic orders.

--- Quote from: Steezus on Tue, 18 August 2015, 15:27:56 ---Any update by chance when they'll go up on the shop? I don't want to miss another opportunity to get hyperfuse.  :p

--- End quote ---

A) See my newsletter!

--- Quote from: dohbot on Tue, 18 August 2015, 18:00:36 ---Will we be able to buy bingecap stickers with this set?

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A) Yes.

On the subject of damage:

--- Quote from: Binge on Sun, 25 October 2015, 15:23:07 ---I have come across less than 20 keys which have had marks that will disappear with use.  I am not the kind of person to think this is excusable, and before anyone tries to say I am intent on letting this stand the record must show that a collective effort is being formed to handle this responsibly. Between [CTRL]ALT and me we are collecting information on orders with keycaps which have issues. 

I will provide more information on how we intend to right any issues encountered with your GMK Hyperfuse sets.

If anyone encounters an issue with their set please do not take it out of the packaging before photographing the issue with the keys in the box.  To be extra clear the most responsible course of action in case of damage is to take pictures of how it arrived after opening the box.  We need to be able to prove to the manufacturer that we did everything in our power to get the sets to you in the best condition possible.  With the videos you have seen me post I hope you all trust I am doing my part to ensure the best possible experience.  When it comes to getting replacement keys I am afraid I do not know of a reservoir of extras to pull into orders, but please be assured I will do whatever I can to make any issues right.

--- End quote ---


That is a lot of sets!  :eek:

100 sets is definitely more than I expected - Binge flashing that cash! :cool:  Very cool of you to keep the dream of GMK Hyperfuse alive for those that missed the group buy.

Do you have a sales price in mind yet?


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