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[GB] GMK Shoko 2nd Style「Less than 5 days Left! Ends on September 15」

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DJ Shoko:
Hello everybody, it's finally here, GMK Shoko 2nd Style or Round 2. I know a lot of people were looking forward to the set and it's finally here.

This group buy will run from August 11 to September 15, thank you for your patience and I really appreciate it!

The estimated shipping date is going to be July 2021, but given the typical delays of GMK nowadays a month or two may be added on top of it.

Pantone 656C
Pantone 5425C

All of the kits below:
Base Kit
This kit should cover all of the basic kits in question.

Hiragana Kit
This is an alphas kit with mono hiragana legends, comes with an extra こ for Alice and an extra tab for extra versatility.

Spacebar Kit
Just some good ol' extra spacebars for accents or split spacebars. Extra B for Alice Users.

Obscure Kits
For everything 40% mainly, but may cover other weird stuff.


NA: Kono
Asia: iLumkb
AU: Daily Clack
EU: proto[Typist]
CA: Deskhero

Current Sales:
Base Kit: 1136
Hiragana Kit: 85
Spacebar Kit: 472
Obscure Kit: 113

Pics or renders:
TaiChi pics from Lens of Regan

MacSurfy's Renders









From the original run:
MoreRender of Alice by Janglad

Pics by me (yeah not the best photographer)

Beautiful pic by Otanishock

Amazing pic from Emir

Will update more pics when they come.

Custom switches and I'm hoping custom mouse mat not too far after the current group buy.
Custom switch specs:
90g Progressive Stainless Steel Springs
No factory lubing
Bottom housing, custom nylon blend
Top housing, polycarbonate
Stems, POM
Housing color: Pantone 656c
Stem color: Pantone 5425c
Why is it named Shoko?
Copypasta from R1 IC
MoreWhy Shoko? Who in the world is Shoko?
Shoko Aoi is my Discord alias as well as a character in a Japanese rhythm game called "Pop'n Music" and she's my favorite girl, but the colors kinda strayed a bit away from the original concept sorta (honestly the original colors were really bad, soooooo yeah had to change it), but the colors are somewhat like her Pop'n Music Sunny Park's clothing colors, which I think looks nice (but she's my favorite so clear bias). Tho crazy me still wanted a bit of that teal in there, so the accents became teal since that's her hair color (I wish I had something for her green eyes though :().
Special thanks:
MacSurfy for the board renders
Kingk22 for the kit renders
Jeffcy for helping me with the custom switch
Kono for making me realize there's interest in a R2
The community for the positive feedback in the colorway
Emir for making me rethink about what mods I use and make me stick to my guts
Janglad for the R1 renders
Rensuya and Jae for kit feedback

DJ Shoko:
Reserved for other goodies...

Approved, GL w GB

oh hey that is a doppelgänger!

DJ Shoko:
Day One numbers!

Current Sales:
Base Kit: 252
Hiragana Kit: 32
Spacebar Kit: 150
Obscure Kit: 45

Not the most insane numbers I've seen, but the base kit and the spacebar kit has already hit MOQ which is great news! Hopefully we can push the numbers more in the following weeks.


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