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Antivax ?

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Virginia statistics for 2021. 

If ne1 is still thinking about owning the libs.

Wait, how does that work, that doesn't make much sense to me Oo .

There are a small number of vaccinated people who do still get infected, but their symptoms are almost always mild and very rarely do they end up in hospital (or worse).

TP if those numbers were not purposefully misleading covid19 would be a miracle, killing off 99% of stupids would be great for the future of the human race, but i feel that those numbers, as tipycal with indicators, were carefully massaged, and incorrectly labeled. (i made indicators at my work and they ended up not using them because they could not massage the data... so yeah i do not trust random indicators).
Lying either way is bad, even for the right reasons, you will give ammo to the opposition by lying...

I'm vaccinated and I think everyone should be vaccinated. However, aren't those numbers including all cases from before a vaccine was available?  Doesn't seem like good data representation if so.


Oh i see.  Since Jan 1 of this year.  What date was the vaccine available?  Don't remember.


Looks like the first doses of vaccine landed in VA around mid Dec 2020.  7 months with only 18 breaktrhough deaths for 4.2million shots.  Holy smokes, those are pretty good numbers.  Hard to overlook that.  But what would the anti-vaxers say?  I'm sure something about sterile, baby-eating lizard people and space lasers.


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