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Bamboo Mouse?

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This bamboo and aluminum seems like it would be cool. Does anyone have any thoughts about the "mousing" features of this mouse? Looks sweet, and seems it would be pretty comfortable.

Air vents on a mouse seem kind of unnecessary. The bamboo also looks coated, so it's going to feel pretty much the same as a plastic mouse.

Looks kind of cool though.

Bamboo stays surprisingly clean even without coatings but it is coated.
The "vents" are probably more about grip than venting, what would it be venting anyways? Not a terrible idea for the purpose, though I have issues with the "holes" in mice design. Easier for junk, grime and dust to get inside.

I liked the idea of an aluminum mouse up until I got an aluminum keyboard and laptop, it's very cold (until it warms up and then stays that way!) and it blocks wireless signals. While not all aluminum but more than enough to hamper the signal directionally. I think buyers will be shocked how fast they wear through the coating and anodizing, mice take a lot more abuse than a keyboard case. Also, I really prefer at least one extra (usually side) button.

For the price, this is a rather generic white label mouse albeit with some pretty cool looks and not outrageously priced either really for what you get. I love the look of it and it would be fine for office work just be aware you might need to play with where you mount the receiver and don't try gaming with it.

Bamboo is not necessarily eco-friendly. There are bamboo farms in China that are definitely not.
The bamboo needs to be eco-certified for me to give the eco-claim any weight.

I think that the most eco-friendly would be to use a mouse for a long time.
My current mouse is ten years old, with the light Omron microswitches in it having been transplanted from an earlier mouse, having been used continuously for 19 years now.

A handsome but silly little piece of gear. 


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