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Hello new friends !


Hello friends, I like keyboards, obviously. Hope to have fun here and furthur grow my mechanical keyboard hobbie. Always open to chat with anyone, just hit me up ( after I figure out hown this whole site works ^-^ ). Future computer scienctist, going to college/uni next year. Love strategy games like chess, catan, polytopia, but my favorite game is osu!. Beginning to learn languages for fun, Im Ukrainian, so I know ukrainian, english, and a bit of russian and studing Japanese right now. Also love playing piano ( though I don't as much time as I used to practice but I do when I can ). Like I said before I like keyboards and building computers ( like litterally everyone else on this site ). Favorite switch ? linear is gateron inks black v2, tactile is zelios v2, and clicky is kailh box whites. sorta normie I know, but I really love being diverse with switches so I almost never use the same switch twice. Can't think of anything else to say off the top of my head but here I am !



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