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logitech mx revolution?

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I like MS's implementation of "Enhance Pointer Presicion."  I like to keep the mouse at a faster setting to help move across 2 monitors, but, usually, this results in the pointer "jumping" when trying to do small movements.  The "Enhance Pointer Presicion" function eliminates this (with none of the acceleration "features").

I have an MX Revolution.

A) - My softwares says 100% (11 days).  Can't say I have ever tested that, but I have left it off the cradle for days at a time with very little ill effect.  The battery indicator on the mouse is very useful, and turns itself off if the mouse isn't moved for 10-15 seconds.

B & C I cannot comment on.

I can, however say that it is probably the best mouse I have owned. it is certainly the most expensive one I have ever bought.

What I like most is the scroll wheel, that can be either clicky or free rolling, and with the flick of your finger can roll from 10-20 seconds by itself.  great for long documents.

It is such a natural fit in my hand too...

Why did I buy it? well it looked good, but the major reason I bought it was it was the only decent wireless mouse I could find that had a charging stand.

Can't remember how long I have had it, but it is well over a year, still going strong.  And I have never turned it off either.

I'm currently rolling with one of these.  The only reason is because I got it for ~1/2 price (around $70 CDN when list price was $135).  I would never have paid full price for this thing.  Or, well, I might have paid full price for this thing and felt ripped off and returned it.  I had to return it twice anyway to get one that wasn't constantly triggering the thumb scroll wheel events.

Anyway, the battery life seems fine.  It has an LED battery life indicator on it that goes red when it's low, so it's kind of hard to really have issues.  I would certainly not use it as a travel mouse or laptop mouse or anything.  On that count, what I DO have an issue with with this mouse is the problems getting the charging contacts to contact.  It has it's good days and bad days -- some days I've had to put a pile of books beside it, with one sitting ontop of it to keep it pressed down so the contacts make contact so it would charge.

I don't see any acceleration issues, but I tend to acclimatize myself to a given mouse setup within a few days.  If I start worrying about acceleration, I'm going to be infront of my computer for hours on end trying to convince myself that it's either accelerating or not accelerating.  (FWIW, acceleration is about speed of movement -- the speed of the physical movement of the mouse has a non-linear relationship with the speed of the cursor. (I'd assume quadratic, but testing these things to that level of detail is almost impossible without a robot -- although a mock usb device module in Linux might work to test if Xorg is doing the accelerating.... hrm.... but that wouldn't test for hardware acceleration anyway)).

If you TRULY hate acceleration, then get a tablet and use the mouse on that -- I will break out my old Graphire tablet if I'm getting sensitive to acceleration.  It's usually enough to remind me that I don't hate acceleration that much.


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