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Strange thing to us as a mouse pad

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That looks like it is working out pretty slick.  

I can rest my right arm on my right arm rest (of my chair) and have my hand resting comfortably on my Trackman Marble Wheel.  But, I use a pull out keyboard tray.

Given your computing environment, that looks like a real comfortable way to mouse around the web.


By the way I thought I would mention that I do not actually type with my wrists down on the table top. I use my arm muscles to press the keys with the hinge at the elbows instead of the wrists. When I first learned to type I used only my fingers, that is what causes the problems like CTS. Nowadays, they teach typists to use the arm muscles and keep the wrists bent down so the pressure is only on the tips of the fingers. It looks strange, but they seem to be able to type just as fast as ever. The keyboard has to be mounted pretty low to do it like that. I tried it and found it difficult to make the change so I came up with my hybrid method, I still move my fingers to select the key, but use my forearms to press it.

The strange thing about CTS is that millions of secretaries typed for a hundred years with no problems, then executives got computers and it became a major problem overnight.

OK, after another week, I have given up on that.

Not because it is not convenient, it is, but because I have found that if I nudge the mouse with my arm at the same time I hit a key, I get all kinds of wierd things happening. Seems to turn them into control key combinations. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening, I was thinking there was something wrong with the Model-M.

you might like the "finger mouse":

or a usb touchpad you can velcro under your spacebar:


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