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Mouse recommendation for mac user?

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I suspect I may be in the market for a new mouse sooner rather than later, and am hoping to get some advice to narrow the field.

Right now I'm using a Logitech MX Revolution:
Likes: general fit in hand, freewheeling scroll wheel
Dislikes: logitech driver software, charging base, stuttering.

The Logitech software is so bad that I wound up using this as a "dumb" (two-button) mouse. I realize there are third-party drivers out there like Steermouse, but I've gotten out of the habit of using the extra buttons. Which is not to say I shouldn't get back in.

The mouse will sometimes stutter or fail to register movement momentarily.

Setting those issues aside, as time wears on, the mouse seems to have increasing trouble making a solid contact with the charging base. This leads me to think I'll need to replace it relatively soon.

I noticed the Microsoft Explorer mouse at a big-box store, and that seemed to have a similarly comfortable shape and freewheeling scroll wheel. Any feedback on using this? Any other leads?

Thanks in advance.

Get the Razer DeathAdder and install the drivers and set acceleration to 0, after that mousing will be a lot more predictable. DeathAdder is the only mouse which correctly removes the annoying acceleration built into OS X >_

Is it a desktop or a laptop?  If it is a desktop, I love my Trackman Marble Wheel.  Wireless or Wired is just a preference.  It's the best pointer there is, no doubt.  If it's a laptop, the Trackman Wheel is probably to big to lug around with you.  I don't go in for high performance mouses, but I've had two Logitech bluetooth ones that have worked great for me.  Is "For a Mac" even a relevant requirement in this discussion?  Not ridiculing, I wonder if anything usb or bluetooth is truly tied to a platform anymore.


--- Quote from: ashort;22710 ---Is "For a Mac" even a relevant requirement in this discussion?
--- End quote ---

Well, sort of. At the hardware level, no. But any mouse that has more than 2 buttons + clickable scroll wheel will need software to enable the other bells and whistles, and the Mac tends to get short shrift by many peripheral manufacturers. As I mentioned in my original post, the Logitech software is notoriously awful, so I'd be looking for something that either came with decent Mac software or didn't require it in the first place.

Thanks for the reccos. Will investigate. Keep 'em coming.

I don't know if I've stated this on these forums before, but I bought a trackman wheel for my Mom MANY years ago when we bought her a computer.  The computer has been replaced at least twice, but the trackman wheel is still there.

When I originally bought it she said, "Yuk!" and I said, "USE it...for 3 days.  If you don't like I'll buy it from you at 100% of your price"

Her reply after 3 days, "you're not getting this back!"  =-D


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