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Fujitsu-Siemens Space Explorer

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I wonder if this will work well for first person shooters (not as a mouse but for your movement WASD etc.)

I think it would as long as the buttons are programmable.  According to the site, it seems this is intended as a mouse replacement, so the buttons might be hard-coded to perform specific tasks, especially right and left click.

EDIT:  I re-read the site, and it's a companion to the mouse, so it might be fully programmable.

The manufacturer is 3Dconnexion:

Fujitsu-Siemens as a joint venture of both companies is dead.


--- Quote from: Chloe;22751 ---The manufacturer is 3Dconnexion:
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---About 3Dconnexion, a Logitech Company
--- End quote ---

Just watched the demo and now I'm really curious. Of course it's dirt cheap and will have to find it's predecessor(s) on eBay.


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