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More Interesting Geekhack Key?

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Haha, iMav face on a key cap would be epic.  I'm in for some. =D

Too lazy to render anything right now, they all look great, however the first is too similar to the GH key we have now, the third would probably not end up being readable (too small grooves for the GH letters) the second would probably be the best and most practical choice. Nice preview pic.

Ha... well, I'm afraid it would have to be pad printing.  Too fine of detail to do with injection unless it was way simplified, then it might not look very realistic.

But regardless, these would sell out I'm sure. Either because people like iMav, or because they want to smash him all day. ;)

Of the 4 shown above i'd prefer the second one as well. Something about the lowercase letters on the 4th one just doesn't look right imo

Is the font in the 2nd one Aller?


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