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does any one know where to get white keycaps with Grey big caps? the classic style

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No, they aren't a material. APL is a programming language from IBM that uses mostly greek symbols. There were a set of keycaps that had the symbols in orange. So they are just a colorful set of keys.

See ripsters first post here.


--- Quote from: theferenc;377942 ---They are dye sublimated PBT keycaps, only for buckling spring keyboards, and you have to call to order them. I think a full set of white is $10-15, APL keys are $20, I think. There are also the grey sparkly ones, which are only available as 1 piece keys. I believe both the standard white and the APL keys are available in either 1 piece or 2 piece.
--- End quote ---

Jim from Unicomp said that a full set would be $25, just FYI :)

he quoted me 20 for the APL set for my spacesaver

but he never replied back after i said okay.

great service

It changes with the day. I've paid both $10 and $15, and was quoted $20 on the APL keys. I also think it matters how many other things you are buying.


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