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Where to buy an indented CapsLock key cap?



I just bought a Filco Majestouch2 and I really like it. However, I noticed that whenever I try to press the 'a' key, I always end up accidently pressing the CapsLock key. I noticed that on my old keyboard, the CapsLock key was slightly indented so that your finger could tell what key it was on without looking. I tried searching on Google and the forums, but I could not find where to buy one of these. Does anyone know where I could start?


Not sure if there's a ready-made stepped CapsLock key available to fit a Filco at the moment. The Signature Plastics one has an offset stem that doesn't fit a Filco.

Several folks have made their own from an offset doubleshot key (either a Cherry doubleshot or a Signature Plastics one) and trimmed and glued a new, centered stem in place to fit. Check Ripster's Anti-Otaku wiki starting at discussion post #73 here:

I have a few strange caps from all sorts of different boards...if youll send me the measurements of the cap you need (width+stem position) ill check if I have a cap that will fit your board.


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