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BSP keys with dyesub printed 103 pcs keycaps Group buy round 2

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BSP keys with dyesub printed 103 pcs keycaps Group buy round 2/include peacock
It's the second Group buy for the keycaps that printed by imsto
These keycaps are from BSP German.
1.5X Ctrl and Alt
E- E-D-C-B-A height
Three kinds of printing: DESKO & Russian & Peacock
Sideprinted also dyesub.
103keys, with a GMK 7X space bar.
All fonts are new designed and trying to make it to be in perfect condition.
Price will be raised after the GB.

Price: 139$ not including the shipping cost.
basic price 139$
the peacock is more complicated than the other two set. so it will be 159$

orders----> 100    -5$

orders----> 200    -10$

orders----> 300    -15$

Deadline: 15 Nov

Also provice the BSP RGB set for 30$.

Shipping method: USPS(or the same like Normal postoffice package with tracking number)
When to ship: arround 10-12 weeks(if no unforeseen issues)

order here:

Some photo of the Peacock dyesub :

I've always wanted an SAT set so this is awesome!

But are the main legends black or blue?

desko going to be with rgb or regular shift/alt/control?

Any chance you could include this key too, so that we can combine it with an ISO set to make a proper SAT set?


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