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BSP PBT keyset with dyesub printed 103 pcs keycaps Group buy Round 3

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--- Quote from: phoenix1234 on Mon, 24 August 2015, 05:59:00 ---
--- Quote from: wlhlm on Thu, 20 August 2015, 20:20:20 ---Really want to join for a Peacock set, but there are currently some issues with the website. To many printing options and "Normal 103 Green Print" costs $20 extra instead of Peacock.
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I sent you an email.

--- End quote ---

Imsto fixed it already.
Now, we can buy the Green option with no extra 20$ added.

--- End quote ---
Ohh thanks for bringing it up. :thumb: I was still waiting for him to reply to my email.



The Cyrillic...

I assume the Black Cyrillic is just mono black print, unless he's doing black on black which I'd buy in a heartbeat, need to email him.

Looks like he added Russian to the options, so anyone who didn't get one in the last gb and wants red Cyrillic can now.

The black Russina means all the English and Russian letters are black..
Just add the normal Russian layout... some people want it more than the black and blue ones.


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