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Spherical Keycaps for CM Storm Quickfire Rapid

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This post (sorry, just scroll past all the nested quotes to see the picture) shows DSA uniform profile (third row down) and SA sculpted (top row).

SA uniform profile is like DSA, but all the keycaps are the same as R3 (the middle row in the [picture).

From what I understand, Costar (a Taiwan company) makes Filco keyboards. I'm not 100% certain of this but one should, in theory, be able to use those Filco doubleshot keycaps with Costar stabilized keyboards. For whatever reason Diatec or Costar decided it would be best to glue the costar stabilizer inserts into the Filco doubleshot keycap stems. Filco has that nice standard bottom row just like your QFR so I can't see any reason why those sphericals wouldn't fit on your QFR.

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