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There is always a chance of that knowing Nintendo's hardware history, but I think they can plainly see the success of the Switch and ease of transition keeping things much the same. A lot of people would be very upset if their Switch games suddenly were not playable on the Switch's replacement hardware.
Perhaps we'll see the return of the hardware add-on to add some gimmicky functionality that will eventually get it's own standalone built-in release later down the road.

Personally, I'd love to see a 3DS player, but there is zero reason for them to even consider doing that.

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I think Nintendo will never do another addon hardware thing again, after both cd disk drives for the snes/n64 failed/got cancelled and were never that good in the first place.

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At least the one for the Ultra/N64 is what gave us the Playstation - but they know carts is the best route, only downside is the internal battery issues older carts have/had.

Some interesting information here: t=186s


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