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Hello guys, This is CHAOSERA studio.
We’re so exited to tell you guys that, After long adjustment and testing, Cupid swith will be open GB in around the 20th Nov.

During the development of the Cupid switches, our original intention was to create a companion switch.
However, due to excellent communication with JWK, and after several rounds of sample production and testing, the requirements for the switches gradually increased.
With JWK's cooperation,we discovered that this switch has gradually developed its own unique characteristics and advantages.

We hope Cupid switch could be a cost-effective switch that most people would be delighted to use.

In terms of materials, both the top and bottom housings use alloy materials with POM as the main component.
The stem uses an alloy with POK as the primary material. POK was chosen for its hardness, friction resistance, making it very suitable for the stem.
The choice of POM as the main material for the top and bottom housings is mainly due to the excellent results it has demonstrated in creating switches with self-lubricating properties.

To further enhance the smoothness and performance of the switches, various additives were added to each main material.
The specific material ratios are as follows:

Stem: POK + Silicone
Top Housing: POM + UPE + Molybdenum Disulfide
Bottom Housing: POM + PA

For the key travel, a 3.8mm key travel was selected for the Cupid switches.
The primary consideration was prioritizing the feel. If the key travel is too short, it can lead to a jarring feeling, especially during extended use, which significantly affects the feel. Additionally, to balance sound performance, a 4.0mm key travel was abandoned.
The stem slightly bottoms out early to provide a clearer actuation feel, a distinct bottom-out sound, and enhanced typing acoustics.

Furthermore, Cupid switches feature light guide pillars.
Since these are newly developed molds, it was discovered during development that light guide pillars not only enhance the lighting effects but also make the switches more compact.
This enhances the fullness of sound, even on non-backlit keyboards, making light guide pillars effective.

To cater to the preferences of different gamers, two spring specifications have been chosen: 48g bottom-out and 55g bottom-out single-stage springs.
The 48g bottom-out springs provide a lighter and more effortless feel to the keypress, along with good tactile feedback, making them suitable for players who require extended typing sessions.

On the other hand, the 55g bottom-out springs offer a heavier feel with fast rebound, providing a typing sensation without being overly resistant.
These are well-suited for gamers who prefer a stronger typing feedback.

And for the 55g version Cupid switch, we’ll use the dry-film lubrication, dry-film act as a buffer,
reducing the friction and collision between the stem and the top and bottom housings.
This results in a smoother and purer sound perfoamance for the Cupid switch while maintaining a comfortable typing feel.

Due to space limitations, we have also created a more detailed video where we discuss our deeper insights into the switches and the production process of the Cupid switches.
Interested viewers can watch it via the link below.

Stem: POK + Silcone
Top Housing: POM + UPE + Molybdenum Disulfide
Bottom Housing: POM + PA

Switch type: MX-stem 5-pin
Linear switch
Total travel distance: 3.8mm
Actuation Force: 42g/48g
Bottom-out Force: 48g/55g
Contact: Flat Bottom
Spring: 20mm non-gold plated stainless steel

GB date: 20th Nov.

USA: KeebsForAll:
Korea: Monstar Gear:
South America: FancyCustom: Release later
Europe: Keygem :
UK: Mechboards:
Japan: Basekey: Release later
Australia: Allcaps:
Vietnam: The Keebs Store:

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 By Keebaholics
t=139s By Rx003
             By Zeke DGTL
                                  By MechTech Keyboards
..... More review is on the way

Welcome to join for more infomations:

This would be long term GB, welcome you guys try it.

I watched the video, you guys really put a lot of effort in the swith.


--- Quote from: Sicklestudio on Sat, 02 December 2023, 02:25:43 ---I watched the video, you guys really put a lot of effort in the swith.

--- End quote ---
Thank you!


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