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[GB] MM- HHKB--(moq not met, refunding)

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--- Quote from: Dewstem on Wed, 13 December 2023, 23:47:46 ---And the GB is still open for orders even though the GB period is over?

--- End quote --- says the GB ends 15th Dec, but yeah this post says different.

From MM discord today:

"@everyone  Sad news that MM-HHKB hasnt reach the moq of 200 units, so we cant make this project happened  TT .  We are contacting all the vendors and we will arrange the refund of our website in 7 days.  Anyway we may try to re-make a more complicated design of this and maybe will make another Tru-HHKB layout board in later days. At last thks for all your support and wish you guys a happy day!"

This is just poor execution of the GB, frankly.

No review units, no videos at all, GB period way too short, vendors not live when they should be.

But more importantly, 2 other live GBs when this started, so people don't trust them.

I don't trust them. Deliver Class60 first please, and make sure to send out review units of both MX and Topre to different streamers. Then wait for them to post their videos before you start the GB, or coordinate it.

I didn't want a "more complicated design". I wanted this.

The hell, I didnt even get news that this went into GB. I was waiting on prototypes during IC stage

I was lookign forward to this


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