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KMAC with Red Alert set from sixty

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Yeah, I'm also a member there but doubt if I'll ever find one. lol

i think the only way we're going to get access to the OTD stuff is if we make things that are even cooler than theirs and barter

me too !

When will phantom finish so we can launch another project? :D

Ok my friends gf lives in Korea and is coming next month. I need links to where I can buy this. My best friend is going again in September for his brother in laws wedding also. Wish I had known about keyboards when I went last June! My gf is korean and can translate for me.

Tldr give me links on where to buy.

I'll try to buy a few extras first time around. I'll buy a lot next time around.

Edit: looks like its not going to be easy lol

Even if you are korean those boards are hard to get. Compare them to click clack keys on this forum.

You'll find more info in this thread:


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