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Can't view member profiles

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I can't view members profiles. Idk if other people are having this problem or it's just me?

Yep I'm having this issue. I'm used to clicking on member profiles to PM them, but thankfully that isn't necessary.

Yeah I'm glad you don't have to do that anymore. The reason I wanted to is to see if the person I was PMing has been on since the site has been up or not. I just hope this gets fixed soon along with me not being able to view the members forums.

I have clicked on people's profiles because I wanted to know their locations. That can be important when there is a sales thread and the seller has not written in the post where it is.

They are off-limits because people need to go in and disable the option(s) that reveal email addresses and dates of birth.

Why these items can't be defaulted off, I do not know.


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