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Blanks Inventory?

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SP, not sure if you are reading this forum regularly but i kind of wanted to ask this out in the open, where did your blanks inventory go? all i see on PMK is the spacebar inventory. Is this something you are going to bring back? i do from time to time hit up that inventory as recent as last month.

Hey Glod -- I'm seeing the blank DSA sets here : -- as well as the other inventory items

isn't it this glod?

that's the one im talking about, but it is not integrated anymore with, so if you add to cart there you can't bundle with the like you used to be able to do, completely separate shipping and because the link isn't like obvious anymore i didn't know if maybe the blanks inventory still works.

I ordered some space bars sometime ago through there and it worked fine. maybe you can just email them with what you want in both places to get combined shipping :)


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