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[GB] DSA Dolch alternate layouts homing keys


The DSA Dolch is a fine looking kit, but it has one major problem : it was made specifically for qwerty. This group buy is meant to fix that by providing the necessary homing keys for : Dvorak, Colemak, Neo and BÉPO (deep dish) : “E”,”H”,”N”,”T” & “U” .
Now the GB is live on PMK :

This is great, I'll be picking up a set tomorrow.

I spoke with Melissa and she said that is the current MOQ of 50 is not reached they can re-run this GB with a lower MOQ but higher price.

I was having trouble ordering this set and had completely forgotten there was a vendor specific forum here to check.  I posted the resolution in the KeyCaps section before I remembered this board.  I'm not sure that's the right forum for it, but just in case others are having the same issue I'm gonna leave it there unless someone barks at me for it.

It looks like had I come here I would have seen the discussion about it already.


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