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The soft texture of Ice Cap but in DSA?

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I love the soft texture of the Ice Cap SA set. I want that texture in PBT DSA. Is that even possible? Does it exist already?

The texture on a key is created by the texture or finish in the cavities of the tooling. SA has a smooth, semi-matte finish created by the cavities. DSA has a textured finish on the touch surface and semi-matte finish on the sides. To achieve the finish in DSA you are looking for, new cavities would need to be made for all shapes. This is not something that is a priority in our current tooling schedule, but may be considered in the future. Thanks for you input!

Thank you for taking the time to explain how texture is created. I appreciate it. At least now I know why I won't find that texture on DSA.

SP makes fantastic keysets! Thanks, too, for selling blank keycaps and the storage boxes.

Many/most PBT keycaps have that soft texture. Look at any PBT DSA, especially DSA Milkshake (I think it's manufactured by Keyreative/ZFrontier).

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't tried any other PBT DSA sets outside of PMK's Granite. I'll be on the lookout for a Keyreative DSA set and others.


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