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by Keychron

The Q1 is now live for pre-ordering:
and you can find all the latest reviews here:
Andy V Nguyen:







Full Alu body, VIA, Gasket mount, ANSI/ISO, Hotswap, 75%, foamed, 150169USD[PLEASE READ EDIT1 AT THE BOTTOM BEFORE JUDGING, THANKS :) ] fully assembled.

Official website:
Discord for discussion and talks:

In July 2021, this board will be available for purchase on Keychrons' official website.
We're doing this IC to get some final feedback and interest on the board before it goes into production.

Keychron aspires to provide a high-quality typing experience for Windows/Mac with the new Q-series at an affordable price, allowing high-quality boards to reach a wider audience.


* VIA support from day one out of the box
* Gasket Mount Design
* ANSI/ISO PCB options
* Hot-Swappable PCB for 5-pin mechanical switches
* Foaming
* Full CNC Aluminium Body
* Screw-In Stabilizers
* South-Facing RGB
* Windows/Mac switch
* Additional rotary encoder, brass weight option


Board options

* Fully assembled: 169USD(without brass weight, knob or plate options(Alu will be default)) Switches will be gateron g pros(phantom)
* Barebone: 149USD
* Brass weight: TBA
* Knob: TBA
Case colors

* Black
* White
* Grey
* Blue
* Navy Blue
* Yellow (depending on interest)

* Pre-solderd rotary encoder
* Badge/normal switch
* Aluminium plate
* PC plate
* FR4 plate

* Width: 145mm
* Lenght: 327.5mm
* Front Height: 21.6mm
* Back Height: 34.8mm
* Feet Height: 2.4mm
* Angle: 5.2 degree

The first prototypes have arrived and are fully functional; this will be an unlimited run of the board, and real-life photos of the boards will be available later.
Because we want to change the size of the board on a regular basis (the next board will be a 65% board), this will be time-limited, but if more specific information becomes available, I will update this post.

Edit1 on Q1:
We postponed the pre-order release date to the end of July, and the shipping date to late August to implement all changes.
Pre-Order will be available at the end of July. Shipment is set for late August to match all the feedback we got!

Barebone 149USD
Fully assembled with double shot ABS keycaps and switches 169USD

That's entirely my fault; I simply messed up the exchange rate and just put 150€ as 150USD. We've now agreed to reduce the price Keychron originally requested for the fully assembled from 179USD to 169USD bringing the fully assembled price closer to the original price I called out.
I'm really sorry for that and I know when people are angry about it but it was a honest mistake.

New Details:

* 8 Gaskets are pre installed, 8 extra gaskets will come for you to install on your own for your personal needs.
* Plates got updated to: Alu, PC, FR4
* Badges will be available in matching colors of the board.
* Switches will be pre lubed by Gateron.
* Doublshot ABS Keycaps
* PCB Stabs that are similar to GMK stabs.
* USB part of the board is separated from the normal pcb so it won’t be affected by the flex.
* Dark/Navy blue added as color
* Chips: Atmega32U4
* 2x 1.5u will be not available at launch, maybe later.


Looks good, looking forward to a build stream or sound test at least ;)

Mother of gaskets.


--- Quote from: ♾Ḋḯṩⱥṩẗḝṟ on Sat, 19 June 2021, 10:01:56 ---Looks good, looking forward to a build stream or sound test at least ;)

--- End quote ---

Build streams and reviews of others will be out some weeks before the launch. I will link them in the IC asap.


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