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Lack of interest, burned out?

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Hard to say if its because of pandemic and lockdown, but I've been having this feeling in last year or two of losing interest in anything I used to like to do.
First - games - its harder and harder for me to really sit down and play some game, even to pick one and start at least. I started maybe 10 in last year, only finished one, maybe 2.
I don't see any of new games that would pull me in, like they used to in 90s :)

Then keyboards - I used to have a nice selection of boards and caps. Used to join GBs for new sets etc. Last year I stopped really using all those boards, decided to sell them all and left just two boards and 4 caps sets. Bought one recently, keep waiting for one more, but I may just keep one overall at the end. For 10 years I've been trying to find my endgame, I realised how few featured that were so important to me in years, are now totally obsolete and the one I'm waiting for is very simple that doesn't have those funky features I wanted it the past.
Seeing all those new caps sets with really ugly color options, freakishly long GB waiting times, I don't see anything that I would like to have, so stopped buying them. Finally got CRP PBT caps that I wanted to try out, I like it and looks like these will stay with me for long. I have a feeling that I have burnt out in this hobby as well.

PC hardware - I used to buy new CPU, GPU every two years, keeping up with new stuff years ago. My previous setup was bought in 2016, I have upgraded all last year. I bought the best monitor you can get nowadays, new GPU and had a feeling there is nothing else I can upgrade. Then decided to upgrade my pc speakers and mouse, which I did. Don't want to buy any more hardware like I used to do 10-20 years ago. Simply I don't need it. Recently I wanted to look into it and find out if I can upgrade something to experience new level of PC hardware, but I have a feeling that I achieved everything. Either I got the top stuff, or I don't need anything better (like faster CPU,GPU etc).

I feel burned out I guess. My main, huge hobby (games) I've had my whole life, is not interesting for me anymore. Recent hobbies (keyboards) also fading away...
Sad moment of being an adult I guess... getting old.
I just sit on youtube, watching other people playing games... :confused:
What's left?!  :'(

Losing interest in stuff is said to be a sign of depression, is that an option?

Either way it sounds like you have plenty of money available so you could always find a new interest and repeat the same cycle you've experienced with keyboards, that should keep you amused for another couple of years.  Or you could be a normal person and find yourself a partner and invest in the seemingly endless time and money sink that is a child.

visiting GH in its current state is beyond depressing

only thing keeping keyboards alive for me is private circles, and barely at that

try to come up with some personal goal/project, there's too much worrying about what other people are doing these days, easy to forget what makes it enjoyable for you.

well really it sounds like you have to just bark up a different tree. there's a lot more to life than just video games and decking out your home setup. there's plenty of things to do -- if you're looking for hobbies and you like collecting stuff from what it looks like, maybe start a little succulent collection, or just get some outdoor plants to plant if that's available to you. you could watch some shows, movies. you can go hunting for specialty beers or sodas. you can go on alltrails and check out some of the top rated outdoors areas near you. you can also do any of these things with a friend to make it more fun/less scary.

really it sounds like you're changing as a person and it's an exciting time, as long as you think about what you want and bring that into your life in a reasonable manner. i used to like biking a lot (still do) and really got into mountain biking in the past year, which was completely different than the type of riding that i normally do. i'd say this was a pretty big personality change for me since i used to avoid risky activity a lot, but i've come to enjoy what i used to avoid completely.

We're at end game hedonism.

That has been the primary industry for the last 5000 years.   We've converted the entirety of Life to trigger pleasure of Some-Sort.

Our technology has evolved such that we can easily break our natural Hedonic loop, even if it only meant eating burgers. We now have unlimited burgers, for very little labor.

Our mind was never designed to be saturated in the way it is now.  There IS NO MORE UP.

Think about it this way, The highest dopamine release designed by nature is only 200% baseline, that's SECS.

Food, ~150% baseline
Coffee, ~200% baseline
Cigarettes, ~200% baseline
Vaping, ~200% baseline
Alcohol, ~200% baseline
Secs, ~200% baseline
Heroin, ~400-1600% baseline (neurotoxic)
Methamphetamine, ~400-1600% baseline (neurotoxic)
Cocaine, ~400-1600% baseline (neurotoxic)

Everything is cheaply available and CONSTANTLY available.    There is no where left to go if you frame LIFE in terms of PLEASURE,     at least from the perspective of developed nations.

As the third world ramps up into consumption economies in the same way,  Our world is MELTING DOWN. We're living incorrectly and beyond what the Biosphere can support.

If we do not quickly develop asceticism or some sort of anhedonic philosophy,  within 10-30 years, we'll all probably be dead. 

It's not any 1 Thing that needs to change,  EVERYTHING NEEDS TO CHANGE.     The most important of all though is going 100% Veggie.


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