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[IC] GMK Soyamilk | IV Works Av3x Soyamilk Announced! - GB Date October 1, 2021

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Another update!

There are more collabs??
We are incredibly excited to be working with Joe from IV Works on this collaboration project.
We are all huge fans of the Av3 keyboard, and to be able to work with him on this one is incredible.

Please join the IV Works Discord Server for updates and announcements!

Additionally, RN Cables surprised us by coming up with an incredible juice box artisan for us!
The details on it are insane. They will be available for purchase alongside the cables.



I love the little milk carton.

Hi Everyone!

We are pretty much one week away from the launch of our group buy!
Another big thank you to everyone for their feedback and suggestions, they were invaluable to making this project reality!

Quick update for today, we added some renders of the set on keyboards that were not exclusively soya coloured, we definitely got a little carried away with sticking with a theme.
Hopefully these new renders give you all a better idea of how the set will look on your own keyboard, or provide a little inspiration!

Also, the IC page was getting a little long and unwieldly, so formatting has been added to streamline the post. Hope it is easier to navigate!



Why are the novelties called Hudson Store?

One of our team members had fond memories of visiting the Hudson Store in Hong Kong as a child, and we are paying homage to it since it has also closed now.


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