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[IC] GMK Soyamilk | IV Works Av3x Soyamilk Announced! - GB Date October 1, 2021

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--- Quote from: TjarleN on Fri, 01 October 2021, 00:55:25 ---Guess we will see if there will still be new collabs with RAMA (or if it will move to Hibi-mx (Kate) like GMK DMG R3).

--- End quote ---

Seems to be a collab with  :thumb:

We are pleased to announce that our Group Buy is live! Please find Soyamilk at your favourite regional vendor!

Additionally, we are ecstatic to be working with HIBI on a new rendition of our aluminum artisan keycap!
These will be available SOON TM from our vendors.

picked up the base+novelties. hope we reach moq  :thumb:


--- Quote from: STUDIOBLB on Sat, 25 September 2021, 17:04:51 ---One of our team members had fond memories of visiting the Hudson Store in Hong Kong as a child, and we are paying homage to it since it has also closed now.

--- End quote ---

Ah I see!

Hi everyone! The raffle for the IV Works Av3x Soyamilk keyboard is now live! For more details and the raffle form, please jump into the IV Works Discord server!

Multiple entries are available for answering trivia questions and providing proof of purchase of GMK Soyamilk from your favourite vendor!


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