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[IC] PBT Transmutation (2nd round preliminary Prototyping in progress)

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Keyboards are amazing because they allow you to create a little bit of fantasy on your desktop, transmuting your workspace into something else entirely.

I really wanted to create that sense of transformation with this keycap set. Bringing in some alchemy, something a little goth, mysterious cults, forgotten ancient languages, natural numbering systems, and magic.

And selfishly, something that could also work with the aesthetic of my Moody Moon Deskmat

Let's make some magic!
Click HERE for the IC form!


- Taking in feedback, working on creating a non-text modifier set as per feedback / reaching out to artisans (if you know a good one let me know) (5/18/2021)
- Found Vendor: Kono Store. (5/19/2021)
- Ordered Prototypes! (5/19/2021)
- Redid entire kit with a new font that is more in line with the symbol weight, also less harry-potter-esque. (June 2021)
- Created new symbolic Modifier set based on tree branches if you want you entire keyboard to be symbols! (May 2021)
- Added Symbol set to the numpads (June 2021)
- Replaced F keys with new phases of the moon symbols (June 2021)
- Added more interesting verbage for latin modifiers (curse, sacrifice, transmute, enchant!)  (June 2021)
- Prototypes are in production (July 2021)
- New Renders! (July 2021 - this is honestly what was holding everything up, redoing all the UV maps)

- Prototypes received. Color and font adjustments required (should be a smaller turnaround time), hopefully if next group looks ok we can move to a GB date (Sept 2021)

- NOTE: I may have extremely good news about the price and general kitting, coming soon if everything works out. 
- Made a discord for this project MIDNIGHT MIRROR (Aug 2021)

Kits are subject to change during IC ~ depending on feedback
Kits were changed drastically due to feedback (check update section above) ~

I hope that with every set will be this handy informational sheet on my thinking behind the alchemaic symbol layout and order:


Board: U80

Board: U80

Board: Isometria

Board: Ikki68

Board: Fuji65

Board: SP-111

Alpha set shown here on a Portico (slightly fictional green shade) (this one is the old keyset but leaving here so you get the idea of the general look of the colors)


Pantone 419C - Which is what Pantone considers a 'black' but in direct light it does move towards dark-gray
Pantone 7764C - a dark very army-green tending towards grey and more yellow then blue on the colorwheel
Pantone 454C - A light cream color - more neutral then warm reminds me of seashells or a latte or mushrooms.


Crescent Moon Deskmat

Under Flowers Deskmat

(More soon)

United States: Kono Store
Europe: TBA
Asia: TBA
Oceania: TBA
Canada: TBA



Cables by Kalamity Cables

Artisan keycap Miroticaps

Artisan keycap ARCHETYPE
More announcements coming soon

Join the Discord to keep updated on this project: MIDNIGHT MIRROR


>Create IC
>Rework set based on feedback
>Find Vendors <NorthAmerica found! Worldwide vendor list soon
>Find Collaborators (I want spooky collabs!)
>GB time!  ;D

If you’d like to transmute this set into existence, I offer up this banner.

--- Code: ---[url=][img width=399 height=120][/img][/url]
--- End code ---


usually i think of red when i think of cult like stuff tho. 

set is still nice  :thumb:

This set is something else... in a good way  :thumb:


--- Quote from: kure_ on Wed, 12 May 2021, 15:45:57 ---reserved

usually i think of red when i think of cult like stuff tho. 

set is still nice  :thumb:

--- End quote ---
Hey thank you so much! Actually I initially thought red too and tried to add it, but unfortunately it instantly gave a bad military vibe.

I If I took out Green though it was Instantly Hot Topic... which actually might not be all that bad if people wanted it though.

That deskmat is really cool! Has the vibe of some of the newer MTG swamp lands artwork! nice work!


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