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[IC] ION x ai03: Equinox XL | 50% Plateless Keyboard

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Equinox XL
Equinox is back - The compact size and PCB-mount structure remain, but this time with more keys and a screwless exterior.

To stay up-to-date, it is highly recommended to join either ai03's or ION Keyboard's Discord server.

Visible Evolution

The proven tabbed-gasket PCB mount structure from the original Equinox remains, offering an unusual yet comfortable typing feel designed primarily for plateless use.
Equinox XL has been updated from the original with a seamless design and internal screws, making the exterior clean and sleek from any angle.

From the Desk to the World

The compact yet functional 50% key layout of the Equinox XL allows for easy migration from larger layouts while also ensuring compatibility with many keysets.
An internal brass weight balances the board’s mass - just light enough for portability, and just heavy enough for stability during use.

Tailored to the Occasion

Choose between winkey and winkeyless variants to choose between maximum functionality and a classic aesthetic.
The PCB allows for 3U-1U-3U split spacebar to extend productivity further without sacrificing the symmetrical aesthetic.


- Aluminum case, internal brass weight, manufactured by Salvun CNC
- Weight: ~670g for the case incl. internal weight
- PCB: Soldered (Non-hotswap)
- Case colors: TBA
- Case variants: Regular, winkeyless
- Cost: TBD
- GB Date: TBD
- Vendors: TBA

- Media coverage/streamer review: In the future
- Note: PCB-mounted structure. It is recommended to use PCB-mount switches without a plate.
If absolutely necessary, please use the bundled FR-4 plate, or cut a plate based on the provided plate files.


Yes, this board has already been prototyped.
Images are of the regular (non-winkeyless) variant prototype unit.


Maybe first under 60 to buy? Plateless is da way!

Fine, sign me up

What a banger, sign me up.


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