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[IC] StarCrafts Keycaps for ESC and F1-F12 (if possible)

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What's up, y'all. To my knowledge, there aren't any more Starcraft keycap group buys due to licensing issues. How about a group buy with Carbot Animation's drawings of Starcraft units? I find his Zerg units the most adorable. :) Videos can be found here: list=SP0QrZvg7QIgpoLdNFnEePRrU-YJfr9Be7&index=1

If there's interest, I'll try contacting the guy behind Carbot if this would be okay to do and if he's willing to provide us with 4 units of each race (for the F-keys) and maybe an extra Zergling in a different pose (cuz they so damn cute) or maybe his Star Crafts logo for the ESC key.

Do you think this is feasible? I understand custom key makers need the design to be in a certain file format for them to work on it. Ideally, I'd like to get Dyesub PBTs.

I want the zergling NAO

Take my money.

i m down for this

adorable and would be interested as well. :3


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